My 17th Birthday and Easter Day

Hello adventures and welcome back to another post. This is my first blog post as a 17 year old, and I’m very excited for the next year of my life. Last Sunday I had both sets of my Grandparents over for a double holiday brunch. We had white chocolate raspberry scones, my famous sticky buns, my Mom’s homemade croissants, a fratata that my Mema made (I will be asking her for the recipe), a fruit platter that my Grandma made and so much more. I sadly have no pictures of the brunch because I was too busy catching up with my grandparents and eating amazing food. I did make my favorite chocolate espresso cake for my birthday cake. Yes, I do make my own birthday cakes. My Mom offered to make it for me but being the stubborn girl I am, I said no. I also have been wanting to try this cake design for months so that’s what I did. Now onto the photos taken by Taylor ( my little sister).

Comment down below how your Easter was and if you would like any recipes I mentioned to be featured in an upcoming post. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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  1. Beautiful cake and beautiful young lady on her 17th birthday. That day was just perfect! The weather was great, food was delicious and it was good to see everyone and celebrate your birthday with you. I like the blog about it. By the way. . . . . Your dresses are here so that will finish out our gifts to you for your birthday. Sorry they didn’t get here in time.

    Take care and love you!

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