Baking Up Some Memories and A Carrot Cake

Hello Adventurer’s and welcome back to another post. I was making my Nana’s carrot cake recipe a couple days ago and I got to thinking. Food is memories, whether it’s baking cookies with my Mema or making Jambalaya with my Dad, I have so many memories around food. I grew up in a big cooking and baking family, so a good part of my younger years were spent in the kitchen. I learned to bake through my Mom, and my two grandmothers. I learned to cook from my Dad, I am still learning how to cook from him. Cooking and baking also reminds us of those who have passed on. We lost our sweet Nana about 3 years ago but I honor her memory by making the recipes that she gave us. When my family and I make her famous barbecue sauce recipe, we always think of her. So while making her carrot cake recipe last weekend I reminisced the memories I have of her. I make Nana’s carrot cake every Easter but I decided to make it early this year because my 17th Birthday is ironically on Easter so I’ll be making my birthday cake instead. Here are some pictures of the cake that Taylor (my sweet little sister) took for me.

Comment down below of your favorite memories in the kitchen and if you like carrot cake. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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  1. Payton,
    What a very sweet post! Your carrot cake looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your post and thinking of Nana.
    Love you!💞

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