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Exploring St. Augustine, Florida

Hello Adventure’s and welcome back to another post. Sorry that I haven’t posted lately I have been quite busy visiting with family. Now on to all about the beautiful city of St. Augustine. My family and I spent a week in St. Augustine, we spent the first few days at a camping resort near a… Continue Reading →

I Finally Visited Hogwarts and Hogsmeade

Hello Adventure’s and welcome back to another post. Now for the part two of my Harry Potter adventure at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. After we rode the Escape Gringots ride we high tailed it over to Kings Crossing station so we wouldn’t miss the Hogwarts Express. Walking through platform 9 3/4 was amazing,… Continue Reading →

I Visited Diagon Ally In Universal Studios

Hello Adventure’s welcome back to another post. I’m so excited to share my adventures at Universal Studios in Florida with all of y’all ! I will be separating this amazing trip into two sections because there is just to much to show in one post. My Mom, Taylor and I along with a few good… Continue Reading →

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