Exploring St. Augustine, Florida

Hello Adventure’s and welcome back to another post. Sorry that I haven’t posted lately I have been quite busy visiting with family. Now on to all about the beautiful city of St. Augustine.

My family and I spent a week in St. Augustine, we spent the first few days at a camping resort near a beautiful beach. Here are a few photos that my Mom took of Tay, my Dad and I while we went boogie boarding one evening.

Here’s Tay trying to catch a wave on a boogie board, while my Dad and I tried to body surf.
Here’s me trying to catch a wave on the boogie board, while Tay stands in the background.

Then a few days later we traveled to a new camping resort closer to down town. Then we spent a morning exploring the Castillo and down town St. Augustine. I have plenty of photos of this wonderful adventure.

After taking a historical tour of an old Spanish home, we stopped by this beautiful French patisserie called “Le Macaron”. I got a vanilla iced latte and a beautiful croissant for my breakfast.
We also each picked out two macarons to try each. Tay picked bubble gum and birthday cake. My Mom pick out red velvet and coffee. Then I picked pistachio and strawberry key lime. Each macaron was perfectly made and flavored.
Here’s a photo of Tay and I picking out what we will be getting. As you can tell I am quite sunburned in this photo.

We next visited the Castillo, which is a Spanish fort that was built in 1672. The walls of this fortress are made of a stone that they called coquina which they found on the barrier islands. Coquina is a stone is a limestone primary made of shells bonded together with sand and calcium. Here are some photos I took inside the Castillo.

Here’s a close up of what the coquina bricks looked like.
Here is the original Spanish coat of arms which was removed from the front entrance to preserve it.
The soldiers stationed at the Castillo carved their names and the date on the walls. Here is the oldest carving I found. I could have spent hours finding all the the names and dates carved on the walls in just one room.
There were these lookout towers on all four sides of the Castillo and the soldiers who were stationed in there were much shorter than Tay and I. The lookout windows were only about the height of my shoulders.
Here’s a photo taken while we where on top of the Castillo, it was quite a view.
Here’s a photo of Tay and I in front of a cannon.
Here’s a close up of the detail of this 16 pound cannon.

After touring the Castillo we walked around the down town streets and alleyways finding cute shops along the way. I don’t have any photos of any of the actual streets and shops.

I’m so glad I was able to have is wonderful adventure with Taylor and my Mom. I can’t think of any other people I would have wanted to spend that time with.

Comment down below what you like to do while your at the beach. Check out Tays blog at Compass Required. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful, interesting adventure. I’m glad too that you were able to explore St. Augustine with your family.

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