My Top Ten Favorite Halloween Candies

Hello adventures, Halloween is approaching and spooky season is ending. Even though this Halloween will not be the same as previous years that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any candy at all. Here are some of my favorite candies that might make it into your goody bag this Halloween.

10. Kit Kat

I like this candy a lot especially the white chocolate ones!! With the layers of chocolate and wafers it is a nice treat. I would trade my favorites for Kit Kats and my sister would normally agree, but not before eating a couple myself.

9. Twix

This is another candy that I like but would give up for one I like better (like Snickers). With layers of shortbread cookie, caramel and milk chocolate it is a nice sweet treat. If I got this candy Trick or Treating when I was younger it was given to my sister but of course save a few for myself.

8. Payday bar

Although Payday bars may be considered a Grandpa candy, it does not make them any less delicious. With the layers of salty peanuts, nougat and caramel they are an underrated explosion of flavor. I like these candy bars but if it is either one of my favorites or a Payday bar, I’ll chose my favorite.

7. Starbursts

These chewy fruit flavored candies are a family favorite in my house hold. Although the only bad thing about these candies is when you get a two pack and they are both lemon or both cherry. I hope we can all agree the strawberry Starbursts are the best.

6. Haribo Gummies

They are so many varieties of these gummy candies. But when you’re trick or treating you normally get just the Haribo Gold Bears. Which are great and all but not as good as the cola, or the twin snakes. So these sweet gummies are normally traded to my sister.

5. Tootsie Rolls (Flavored and Regular)

These candies are amazing and give me a trip back to when I was little. Although they might seam a bland, they are one of the greats. Especially the flavored ones, (the vanilla is the best flavored one) that I can only seem to find during the Halloween season (and believe me I’ve looked).

4. Tootsie Pops

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop, I have never been patient enough to try. I love these lollypops, they are very sweet but I like it or I did when I was younger. Although it has been a very long time since I have had one. The best part is when you get impatient and chew it up. Then some sort of beautiful chemistry happens with the broken glass like candy and chocolate chewy center.

3. Peanut M&Ms

I love this candy so much!!! Mixed with popcorn or on their own they are amazing. No matter what kind of M&Ms they are they are delicious. But the Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms are the best. These are defiantly one of the first candies gone in my house hold.

2. Snickers

Its probably my favorite candy bar EVER!!!!! With the nougat center, caramel, peanuts and coated in chocolate how can it be bad? Its hard to just eat one, especially if they are minis, then you have an excuse to eat one more because its so small. Its a vicious cycle.

1. Reese Peanut Butter Cups

In my opinion this is the best candy ever period. With the silky smooth milk chocolate and smooth peanut butter its a match made in heaven. They come in so many different sizes too, mini Reeses, medium sized or the pumpkin ones with much more of the peanut butter than average. They are also fought for between my Mother, Sister and myself.

Comment down below or send me a message, what is your favorite Halloween candy, and what do you hope is in your goodie bag this Halloween. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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