5 Must Watch Halloween Movies For This Spooky Season

Hello adventures, welcome back to another post. Friday night is movie night for my family. Watching all types of movies from comedy, to action, to even the classics. The time from October 1, through October 31 is spooky season. There is no better way to get into the Halloween mood then threw some Halloween Movies. Now go grab some popcorn, your favorite movie candy and lets watch some movies .

1. The Harry Potter Saga

The Harry Potter movies are some of the best book to movie adaptations that I have ever witnessed. With all the witches, wizards, trolls, ghosts, and magic, Harry Potter is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit. It can also give you some costume ideas if your fresh out.

2. Hocus Pocus

This is a hilarious movie about a boy moving to a new town and trying to fit in. Before he accidentally awakens a trio of evil witches that were executed in the 17th century. Its a thrilling movie that I always have to watch during the Halloween season.

3. Goosebumps and Goosebumps 2

These movies are a favorite of mine, such an intriguing concept about an author that makes every book he writes come alive. These stories are about a young adult horror author R. L. Stine after the authors imaginary demons come alive and they have to stop the stories before it gets too far. This movie may be to scary for more sensitive or younger viewers. I love this movie and its concept has always intrigued me.

4. Hotel Transylvania 1, 2 and 3

This trilogy is an amazing children’s comedy about a monster hotel called Hotel Transylvania. Run by Count Dracula himself, and his daughter Mavis, as a place where monsters can take a rest from the human world. I love these movies, they are amazing movies to watch with the whole family.

5. The Covenant

I have just watched this movie recently and it had me on the edge of my seat. This is a horror/thriller film that has a couple of parts that can be scary to some people. Its about four young men who have supernatural abilities and belong to a supernatural legacy. Where they are forced to fight a fifth power long thought to be died out. This movie is geared more towards teens and young adults, I would not recommend this for younger viewers. This is probably one of my favorite horror/suspense movies I have seen and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies like this.

Thank you for reading my blog post!! I hope this has given you some Halloween movie inspirations for your next family movie night. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton.

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