Wedding Cake Trials

Hello Adventures and welcome back to another post. I was given the opportunity to make a wedding cake for some family friends. So for the past few weeks I have been practicing making two different wedding cakes. My first cake trial ended up going very well. This was the first two tiered cake that I have attempted and it turned out almost exactly how I wanted it to. There are many thing that I learned while making that first cake, first off make sure you have plenty of buttercream. So you don’t have to do what I did, which means having to make multiple extra batches of buttercream and lots of frustration. My second lesson was when making a ruffled/textured buttercream, using a larger angled spatula instead of a smaller one to make the ruffles. Here is a picture of the first practice cake .

After a discussion with the bride and groom, it was decided to make a three tier cake instead of a two tier. So since I had never made a three tier cake, so I decided to practice making one. One of the first things I learned is that when stacking is that when you are cutting the dowels (I used thick smoothie straws) make sure you cut the straight, or else the cake will settle and be very crooked. Also another thing to note is that when leveling the cake, be sue that you are leveling it straight. Because I didn’t and my cake probably would have fallen over if I didn’t dissemble it when I did. Another important thing to note is that when placing the dowels into the cake make sure they are about one inch away from the edge of the cake board that is holding the cake over it. I learned this the hard way, I placed my dowels too close to the center of the cake and this caused my cakes to get squished. I also decorated the cake they way I was planning too for the final wedding cake. So coloring my frosting for my flowers was quite the challenge. The hardest color to get was burnt orange, which ended up being a mix of orange, red, yellow, and brown food coloring. I have no idea how much of each I used I just played with the colors until I got the color I wanted. Even though this cake had some frustrating lessons, making this cake helped tremendously when I made my final cake. I will have a picture of my second practice cake below.

From this angle you can’t really tell that my cake was kinda a left leaning tower of cake.

Well those were my practice wedding cake trials. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity, and I am very exited to check this experience off my bucket list. Until the next adventure,


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