Homemade bread and Tomato Soup

Hello adventures and welcome back to another fall post. I have crossed two more activities off my fall bucket list! Yay!! I have crossed off Making Bread and Making Soup. Now I can’t take really any of the credit making the bread, my wonderful Mom pretty much did all the work. I used her sourdough starter, followed her recipe, and she was the one that actually baked the bread. So thank you Mom for helping me cross this off my bucket list and for doing most, if not all of the work. I sadly don’t have a picture of the full loaf of artesian sourdough bread, because it was cut into pretty much right after it came out of the oven. What can I say this bread is a family favorite. If you would like me to share the recipe please comment down below. Now onto the soup, personally tomato soup is one of my absolute favorite soups, so putting making soup in my bucket list was just an excuse to make it. Now I attempted to follow a recipe I found on Pinterest, the recipe is from the blog One Hundred Dollars a Month. Now it looks like an amazing recipe but I did the normal Payton thing and decided to not follow the recipe exactly because I one didn’t get enough of some ingredients and two didn’t want to make that big of a pot of soup. So I kinda halved the recipe without doing the proper math to half it. Now I recommend you don’t do that, because my soup probably would have been better if I didn’t try to Masterchef it, when I’m not experienced enough to do so. So i have no idea how much of any ingredients I used. Now I’m not saying my soup tasted bad, it actually tasted very good, but next time I’m going to add less honey, and definitely add less red chili flakes. But again it was a fun experience and it tasted good, so thats all that matters. I do have a picture of the finished soup, and I used the bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it. Because what is tomato soup without grilled cheese? I will have a picture of my beautiful meal down below.

Thank you for joining me on this chaotic little adventure. Until the next adventure,


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