Cupcake Decorating and Lake Fun

Hello Adventure’s and welcome back to another post. I have not be posting as much lately because school has been crazy and I have just been much busier than I am used to. But enough about that, let’s get on to my adventures at the lake on Labor Day weekend. My Dads side of the family decided to spend a few days down at my Aunt and Uncles Lake house as a last hurrah before school. Even though all of us kids had already started school. We had a blast! We would paddle board and ride Sea-doos in the mornings before breakfast and swim in the afternoons. Even though I didn’t paddle board a lot of people did. We also decorated cupcakes one night. I had made chocolate cupcakes the day before and made a vanilla buttercream there at the lake. It was very fun to watch my 3 cousins and my sister decorate cupcakes, they also gave me new ideas for different designs. I decorated a few myself but mostly to show everyone how to use a piping bag. Here are pictures of the fun we all had at the lake.

Here’s all of us girls decorating cupcakes, if you go clockwise it’s me, than Taylor ( my sister ), then Kara, then Jenna, and last but not least Ava. ( Ava, Kara and Jenna are my cousins. )
Here’s the decorated cupcakes, we only had one minor mishap, and the cupcakes tasted amazing. So I think that was a successful cupcake decorating party.
The next day we convinced the my Dad and my Uncle to take us out tubing. And let me tell you it was fun to ride and watch.
Here’s a photo my Aunt caught of Tay, Kara and Ava going over a big wave. All three of them were in the air, I have no idea how none of them fell off. My Dad and I were laughing so hard.
The lake was really rough so it was a lot of fun.

Comment down below if you have ever gone tubing or ridden a sea-doo Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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