Adventures In Colorado

Hello Adventure’s and welcome back to another post. For the past week we have been exploring all Colorado has to offer. We visited so many beautiful and cool places, so here is a few pictures of what my family and I have visited in the past week.

This was taken on the 6 hour drive to Colorado.
This was taken at El Dorado Canon while my Dad was looking at rock climbing routes.
This was also taken at El Dorado Canon by my sister Taylor. Taylor also has a blog called Compass Required. So go check it out.
This is a panoramic of Pikes Peak that I took.
Here’s another panoramic of Pikes Peak.
Here’s a photo of when we were going down Pikes Peak.
This is my Dad, Tay and I at the Flat Irons.
Here’s a photo of my whole family hiking at the Flat Irons.
Here’s a panoramic of the view off a overlook in Rock Mountain Nationalpark.
Here’s a photo of my Mom, Tay and I at Rocky Mountain National park.
Here’s Tay and I looking out at the mountains, also in Rocky Mountain National park.
Another photo from Rocky Mountain National park.

Comment down below if you would rather visit the mountains or the ocean. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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