Hot Cocoa Bomb Making Madness

Hello adventures and welcome back to another blog post. During these cold winter months nothing is better than a nice cup of hot cocoa curled up with a blanket and a good book. These fun treats are also perfect homemade gifts, and a fun thing to make with your family while staying home. My Mom, my little sister and I had a blast making these fun little treats, although there was some frustration trying to demold them. Now onto the hot chocolate bomb making madness.


  • Almond Bark (We used the normal chocolate one but you can use any type of chocolate you wish)
  • Hot cocoa mix (We used the individual packets)
  • Any Type of candy filling you wish (We used Lucky Charms marshmallows and we have also used candy cane pieces and marshmallows)

So there are no measurements for this recipe because it really depends on the size of the cocoa molds themselves. I would advise purchasing silicon sphere chocolate molds, we used plastic bowls we found at Dollar Tree and they proved very difficult to remove from the mold. Additionally, the molds we used were pretty large, I will be on the hunt for smaller ones to use in the future.

First things first, melt the almond bark in the microwave for 30 second bursts until melted and mix in between microwaving.

Next, spoon the melted chocolate into your desired mold. You want the walls of the cocoa bombs themselves to be thick enough not to shatter when demolding, but not so thick that they are difficult to melt when you go to make the cocoa. The easiest way to get the molds evenly coated with the molds we had is to put the chocolate on the bottom of the mold and move it around in a circle, pouring the excess chocolate back into the bowl. But this might not work for everyone, so I would advise doing whatever you think would work best for the molds you choose.

Next freeze the hot cocoa bombs, now how long you freeze them also depends on the size of the molds. We found that freezing them solid and then letting them sit in warm water until the bottom of the cocoa bomb got lose, was the best way to get them out for the molds we used. It did take us many tries to actually get them to come out, so if they shatter, the best thing to do is remelt them and start over. It’s much easier then trying to piece them back together.

Then its finally time to assemble them. Once you have two halfs, fill one half with the instant hot cocoa mix (we used one packet per hot cocoa bomb) and any topping you would like. (We used Lucky Charms marshmallows). Take the other half of the bomb and melt the edge on a pan on low heat, then place it on top of the other half. Pressing gently to seal it together, then run your finger around the seam to make sure its fully sealed.

Then your ready to use your hot cocoa bomb. Just warm up some milk and pour the hot milk over your hot cocoa bomb and watch the magic happen.

I used freshly steamed milk for my hot cocoa.

Comment down below your favorite hot beverage, and if you like hot cocoa. Until the next adventure,

Love, Payton

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